Community Gardening Project

It is really important to all of us here to have a chance to ‘put something back’ into our own community.  The Community Gardening Project offers individuals the opportunity to learn gardening skills at the same time as offering a service to the elderly and disabled.  Our group of willing workers go out on a daily basis to help  tidy gardens and cut lawns etc. for people who can no longer cope with maintaining their gardens themselves, charging a nominal amount.

A photo of people with lawnmowers       A photo of people building a shedIndividuals are supported by staff members Jamie and Richard – mowing lawns, hedge trimming and generally tidying up gardens.   Alongside this, the group has paid contracts with several local community centres to maintain their grounds.  This helps to keep the project sustainable.  As well as learning about gardening, the project also allows individuals to build confidence, self esteem and learn new skills – plus they enjoy seeing the fruits of their labours too. 

As you can see from the photos below, we also take a pride in our own gardens!

A photo of an outdoor space, with chairs and tables, and colourful flowers planted at the borders A closeup photo of red and pink flowers