Become a Trustee

Like all charities, Chepstow Mencap is managed by a Board of Trustees.  These individuals are responsible for:

  • ensuring that the Society fulfils its legal obligations as a charity and company;
  • looking after its assets responsibly;
  • ensuring that the Society has a clear vision, mission and strategic objectives;
  • ensuring that the Society’s operations and governance are carried out to the highest possible standard;

Members of the board are elected each year by Society members at the Annual General Meeting and remain on the Board for a minimum of 12 months.  The Board meets every month (generally on the second Monday of the month) and Trustees are then encouraged to sign up to at least one of the Society’s sub committees depending on their enthusiasm, expertise or experience. These sub committees include:

  • Finance
  •  Social
  • Shop
  • Health & Safety

If you are interested in becoming a trustee, read the Procedures as stated below and get in contact with us on 01291 623216 or contact us using the form.

Procedures for New Trustees

  1. Applicant expresses an interest to the Society which is directed to the Chair.
  2. Chair to inform applicant if positions are available and offer brief description of what is involved as a Trustee.
  3. Applicant to submit the following documents to the chair.


  1. A New Trustee Form including personal contact details and those of two references (one must be a professional reference i.e. most recent employer, other voluntary organisation, educational establishment etc.).  In line with the Charities Act 1993, this form will seek declaration that the applicant is not qualified by law from acting as trustees including:


  1. anyone who has an unspent conviction
  2. anyone who is an undischarged bankrupt
  3. anyone who has been removed from trusteeship of a charity by the Court or the Commissioners for misconduct or mismanagement;
  4. anyone under a disqualification order under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986.b.  A letter of application stating that they would like to become involved and what skills/knowledge/time etc they can offer the Society  as a  Trustee.
    c.  An up-to-date C.V.
    d.  Completed Society Membership Form and payment method if not already a full and current member.


4.  Applicant advised of scheduled meeting dates which they can attend however they do not have any voting abilities as at this stage they are  co-opted on to the board.

Applicants should attend a minimum of three meetings including one board meeting during their probationary period.

5.  Applicant letter/CV is distributed amongst existing trustees.
6.  Office to apply for Applicants CRB (action to be confirmed by Finance and HR committee).
7.  Trustees are formally appointed at the AGM where members of the Society vote on the nominations.  AGM is held in November each year. Nomination forms are sent out 2 weeks prior to the AGM.