Our trustees have independent control over, and a legal responsibility for, Chepstow’s Mencap’s management and administration. They play an  important unpaid role and contribute to the character and wellbeing of the charity. Being a trustee can be rewarding for many reasons – from a sense of making a difference to the charitable cause, to making new experiences and relationships. Being a trustee uses your skills, knowledge and abilities. We currently have 7 Trustees, who act as a Board to carry out this work. The Board of Trustees meets on average 10 times a year; they are also expected to attend the Annual General Meeting and, of course, are invited to all the fun events held. Trustees may also be involved in short term specific interest task and topic groups. If necessary, training is made available where needed e.g. Safeguarding. If you have some time and are interested in becoming a trustee please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Sue Nicholson – Chair of Trustees